• What are women afraid of?

    Tamara Sidorova
    Tamara Sidorova
    July 23, 2012
    What are women afraid of?

    Fears surround us from birth, and for a long time, people are trying to overcome them. However, the key to the problem is to study it from the inside. So what are women afraid of and what is the reason for their fears? Consider the most frequent options.

    "I am not pretty"

    Girlfriends constantly bestow flowers and jewels, and you always remain out of work. You are not showered with numerous complements. After this, numerous complexes begin to emerge. However, first it is necessary to answer, what is beauty in general?

    Male sex, above all, appreciates our individuality and personality. How to understand if you are beautiful, if you constantly have to hide from everyone. The first step to confidence is the ability to accept and love yourself.

    Gain confidence and all reach out to you, you will become the queen of any society.

    Fear of loneliness

    Friends have long been in pairs, but you have no luck in your personal life. You do not spend the evenings sitting at a family dinner. Relatives are constantly interested in your personal life and try their best to help.

    This winding up is the first step to depression.First of all, take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and find something to your liking. If you are busy, you will not have time for heart-felt experiences, and you can also find a life partner in accordance with your interests.

    Fear of death

    This is the most common phobia, it is found not only among the weaker sex. However, death should not be afraid, as it is inevitable. It remains only to enjoy life and enjoy every day.

    Fear of being outcast

    It constantly seems to you that all around you are conspiracies, intrigues and envy. However, most often this is the first sign of paranoia. Pay attention first of all to yourself. As they say, do things for people the way you would like them to do for you.

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