• What can be built in Minecraft?

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    What can be built in Minecraft?

    In a modern exciting game Minecraft you can build amazing buildings, mechanisms, railways, subways, caves and much more: it all depends on the flight of your imagination. And if you build on a multiplayer server, other players will be able to help you with materials and tips. From our article you will learn what can be built in Minecraft, as well as we will give a few examples of various buildings and tell you how and what they are made of.

    What can you build

    In the game there are training grounds where you can try to make your creation according to a pattern. The game mode "Creativity" allows you to make various buildings of different materials: the fact is that in this mode everything is available for construction, and you can fly. After you practice, you can start creating your own masterpieces. But before that, it is best to sketch out on paper a plan of what you are going to build, and calculate how much material is needed. Your building in the multi-user version can even become a decoration of the server.

    You can also try to build a storyline with interesting traps and a maze where other players can pass your ordeal, which can make you a very popular person in the game. You can make traps from such a resource as red dust (an analogue of electricity). You can also hide your labyrinth under any building or build it far from the city or in some abandoned city (building a portal into it), and then write a few secret books about its location and come up with an exciting story.

    More information about building a portal to a city can be found in the instructions from our article How to make a portal to a city in minecraft. When you get tired of mastering the construction of buildings, you can move on to creating large-scale mechanisms: usually this requires large areas, but you can build a sawmill, as well as techniques such as a computer processor or even a calculator. Well, now it's time to tell how to build a variety of buildings.

    Buildings and facilities with their own hands

    Let's look at several options for residential buildings, because they are necessary to defend against hostile monsters at night.

    Emergency Shelter

    For a shelter, it is necessary to dig three blocks under oneself, and one block above one’s head. Thus, you will find yourself in safety, but in such a shelter there is nothing to do and easily miss dawn. Such a shelter will help you quickly hide from enemies, if you have hunted monsters and were injured. How to build a full house, you will learn by reading our article: How to build a house in Minecraft.

    A house on a tree

    For the construction you need 3 stacks of blocks, glass or glass panels, a lot of stairs, and of course the highest tree. Having installed a wide platform (it can be made of boards), you can place support columns and railings (for realism) and a door for the house on it, and also make several floors by lengthening the column. Next you have to repeat the construction of the platform, etc., everything will depend on the flight of your imagination.

    If the house is located on a tropical island, the stairs will not be useful, because you can climb on the vines. With such a house you can spend your time quietly, it reliably protects from mobs (computer enemies). And if you have a weapon - a bow, then from a height you can fire both mobs and players.The top view of the game space is wonderful, and the area below is also clearly visible.

    In order not to bother looking for a suitable tree for the house, you can grow it yourself - for example, an oak tree. To do this, you need to install 5 blocks of wood in the right place for you, put the ground on them and plant a seedling in it that can be picked from the tree. Water for tree growth is not required. After the tree has grown, it is necessary to replace the earth with wood. Thus, it is possible to grow several trees and build houses on them, connecting them with bridges: you will have a truly unique "city in the trees."


    We have learned to build a shelter and a tree house, now let's try to build a fountain with our own hands. To build a fountain, you need to build a figure of 8 x 8 blocks, dig a small hole 1 level of blocks and set stairs in the middle. Next, on the stairs, install the blocks in 1 row, and on top of the blocks there are 2 more ladders on which you need to install 2 plates. After you put water in each stove, the fountain will work.

    You can decorate it with blocks of grass, and if you install a light stone inside - it will give a beautiful romantic lighting. And if instead of water to install lava, then you get an unusual fountain with additional lighting.Such a fountain will be an excellent decorative element around any of your buildings.

    Equipping the house and the external territory, do not forget to also make defenses. Let's consider, for example, how to make a minefield.


    It is done according to the following principle: a pit is digging 1 x 1 x 2 blocks, at the bottom of which you need to place TNT and close it with a block on top, and a pressure plate is installed above the block. Thus, you can set a few minutes in the right places - just do not forget to replace if some of them exploded. Mines cause high damage by exploding, and they can also be activated at a safe distance using a red stone. You can get red stone in the caves (of red ore) with an iron or diamond pickaxe. After the destruction of such ore you get up to 5 blocks of red stone (it is also called red dust).

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