• What can you draw on your hand?

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    What can you draw on your hand?

    Not everyone decides to make a real tattoo on his body. Over time, the tastes, worldview, and the body itself change. Why risk and make a tattoo forever? Many decide to make a trial version of the picture on the body. We suggest you consider the ideas of what you can draw on your own hand.

    Mehndi or temporary henna tattoo

    Mehndi (mehndi) is a henna painting on the body, which is washed off in about three weeks. Mehndi patterns are ritual in nature and are intended to awaken the inner light of a person, as well as to decorate during festive ceremonies. This oriental decoration is most often applied to the hands.

    If you chose this method of temporary tattoo, then you can draw a certain ornament and patterns on your hand with the help.

    What to draw on the hand pen

    To prevent skin irritation and allergies, purchase special pens for painting on your hands in an art salon or via the Internet. In addition, the drawing with a ballpoint pen on the hand will not look so aesthetically pleasing.


    draw on hand

    The drawings on the hands made with the help of ready-made stencils are very beautiful.They can be inexpensively purchased, for example, in the online store. And you can print patterns and make stencils yourself. If you are not going to buy or download stencils and sketches, just take a look at examples of possible drawings.

    Own creativity

    When a person draws himself beautifully, he can fantasize with images and their details, and we only show general ideas of what can be drawn on the hand.

    • Originally looks like a drawing of a girl or a man whose legsdraw on handdepicted on the index and middle fingers, and the torso and head on the hand. Experiment with their clothes, hairstyle, play poses.
    • On the inside of the wrist, you can draw the player, namely the icons "rewind", "play", "stop", "pause".
    • On the palm, draw a part of the face (for example, the right eye, the right side of the nose and lips, the facial contour). If the palm is applied to your face, the drawn features will complement the real ones.
    • Some like to paint their hands in the form of vivid images of animals. For example, on a cyst and fingers will be the eyes of a snake, and the whole hand will be decorated in the color of her skin.

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