• What can you collect?

    January 23, 2015
    What can you collect?

    Collecting is an interesting, common and sometimes expensive hobby. Everyone knows some varieties of such hobbies: philately (collecting stamps), numismatics (collecting coins); fewer people are aware of the name of collecting awards (by the way, faleristics) and paper banknotes (bonistics). Rich people collect paintings, icons, expensive wines and rare books.

    There are collections of models: cars, airplanes, ships. However, most people do not even know what else to collect.

    Less well known collectibles

    Quite a lot of extensive collections on the following topics:

    • Postcards. Gathering is called filocarty;
    • matchbox labels. Passion bears the name of phillumeny;
    • everything related to beer: corks, glasses, labels, etc. Collecting is called biofilia;
    • and, of course, celebrity autographs.
    • Netsuke figures, bells, candles, flyers, tickets and transport stickers, posters and posters are also collected. But this is more or less standard hobbies.

    Unusual collections

    Far more people are surprised to learn that they can collect ice cream wrappers (and this is called gelatophilia), chewing gum (phylogamistics) or packaging from razor blades (xyrophilia), sugar bags (glucophilia). And some types of gathering have not even been named yet.

    What do girls collect

    Parents who have daughters are often interested in the question of what a girl can collect. First of all, it depends, of course, on the child. Many girls are prone to plangology — picking up dolls in general — or barbifilia, that is, collecting Barbie. However, albums with stickers are no less popular - there are a lot of them sold now: different and thematically heterogeneous. And if a girl has other interests, she can also collect an unexpected collection, even wrenches or motorcycle models.

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