• What cosmetology procedures do not need to do pregnant?

    The waiting period for a baby is one of the most beautiful moments in a woman’s life. At this time, she is beautiful even without makeup. But this does not mean that you can forget about caring for yourself. After all, the changing hormonal background and development of a small life in the womb still make their own adjustments. About what beauty-procedures are allowed for pregnant women, and which ones should be discarded, we will tell further.

    Peculiarities of care

    The first and most important condition that must be observed in this important period is not to harm the child. Therefore, any toxic and chemical effects should be excluded.

    It is definitely worth refusing injection techniques. Doctors also recommend not experimenting with physical effects on the skin, and wait for all sorts of procedures using ultrasound and laser.

    Going to the beautician for the next session, you should definitely learn about the products that will be used. Those with a high level of absorbability should be delayed for the postpartum period.Only light surface preparations are allowed.

    If there are doubts, it is better to postpone the session, and ask the cosmetologist for a list of active substances, which you can later coordinate with your obstetrician-gynecologist.

    But there are procedures that are strictly forbidden to girls in the position. And we, of course, will share with you this list:


    Changes in hormonal levels in pregnant women can provoke a rash, but any chemical peels should be excluded. Mechanical cleaning is possible, provided that the pain threshold during pregnancy has not decreased.

    The use of enzyme preparations for exfoliation is also permitted. These are very light acids, the concentration of which is as low as possible, due to which only the surface effect is achieved.


    This is an injection method in which various active vitamin formulations are injected under the skin. But even one type of needle can cause anxiety in a pregnant woman. And some of the "cocktails" may be composed of hormones that can cause unwanted reactions.

    Replace mesotherapy can be masks and massages with vitamin concentrates.


    If a girl in a position still agrees to sacrifice some cosmetological procedure, then what about the epilation? Elevated levels of the hormone hCG in the blood provokes active hair growth. Of course, you can get rid of them. But not with the help of a laser method and photoepilation. Their effect on pregnant women is unknown, therefore it is better not to risk it.

    The list of taboos and creams for depilation. Their chemical constituents quickly penetrate the skin and partly into the circulatory system, which may be unsafe for the baby.

    The best options are shugaring and waxing.


    Pigmentation is a problem that a large number of pregnant women face. It is all the same hormones. And if you can still accept the stains on the body, then the pigmentation on the face brings a lot of problems. Mostly aesthetic. But any whitening procedures in the waiting period for the baby can not be done because of the aggressive impact.

    The only way to fight pigmentation is to use creams with a high level of SPF (at least 50).


    One of the most pleasant relaxing procedures, and, at the same time, one of the most effective for those who seek to have a toned body and beautiful skin.But the vacuum massage, which is popular in the fight against cellulite, cannot be done.

    Any hardware techniques can be a cause of increased pressure and muscle tone, which is unsafe, both for the future mother and for the fetus. Allowed only general massages for face and body, contributing to a better outflow of lymph and reduce puffiness. It really helps to relax and improve overall well-being.

    Cosmetic procedures are an integral part of self-care, but during pregnancy you should treat them very selectively, without regret abandoning those that even theoretically can cause harm. Take care of your health and the health of the future offspring, and let pregnancy bring only pleasure!

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