• What do turtles eat?

    Someday, before everyone, there is the question of choosing a pet, but not everyone prefers a cat or a dog, wanting to take under the roof of his house a less capricious pet of the family. As a rule, the choice in such cases falls on turtles, as they differ in long years of life and are very interesting in their behavior.

    Despite the fact that people are accustomed to the stereotype "turtles are slow", this is far from being the case. These animals are quite active lifestyle, so the content of reptiles outside the terrarium can turn into an exciting game of "guess where I hid." In order not to worry about the loss of a pet, it is best to keep it in a special aquaterrarium - this applies to both land and aquatic turtles (for the latter, this condition is mandatory).

    For more information about what conditions need to be created for a home friend, you can find in the article How to care for domestic turtles. But it’s not enough to know how to care for these pets and what conditions they need to create in the walls of the house,After all, one of the most important moments in the life of each such reptile is the daily diet, so each owner should thoroughly know what turtles eat so that the animal is constantly in the comfort zone.

    Land Turtle Eating

    At home, the land turtle should be fed exclusively with plant food, not including in the diet meat of animals or poultry. She also should not be given different foods "from the table": sausage, sausages, prepared foods, cheese, milk, cereals and other processed foods. The basic diet of land turtles should consist exclusively of natural products and vitamins, including:

    • fresh vegetables. berries, herbs and fruits;
    • various herbs with a neutral taste;
    • water (in small quantities);
    • mineral complexes.

    Young turtles feed once a day, adults feed every other day. It should be remembered that you do not need to leave food the next time, if the tortoise has not eaten something. As a rule, this pet is saturated for half an hour. More details about the products that should be given to turtles can be found in the article What do turtles eat.

    Water Turtle Diet

    Unlike land turtles, aquatic can afford to eat live food, as they are predators. As a rule, aquatic turtles feed on:

    • plant food (similar to the ground);
    • meat (chicken, beef);
    • seafood;
    • bloodworm;
    • insects;
    • earthworms, snails (without shell).

    It should be borne in mind that, depending on the temperature of the water in the terrarium, the number of meals per day may vary. For more information about this and the rules for the preparation of food for water turtles can be found in the article How to feed a turtle.

    Eating turtles in the wild

    Despite the fact that in the wild, turtles have to get food on their own, their diet is richer and more balanced. Among the food consumed by land turtles in the wild, herbs, leaves of shrubs, fruits and vegetables that they manage to get, as well as insects are rare.

    Aquatic turtles at a young age pay more attention to protein (animal) food, eating various insects (crickets, grasshoppers, etc.), tadpoles, small fish and crustaceans.

    Turtle feed

    There is an opinion,that animals are best given specialized dry food purchased at pet stores, as they are developed according to the specifics of the pet's diet. In fact, none of these products will replace the full-fledged natural nutrition, so the purchased mixture can be added to food, but only as an auxiliary product in small quantities. For dry and aquatic turtles, the types of feed differ, but the most high-quality firms for the production of specialized feed are:

    • JBL;
    • Zoo-Med;
    • Tetra;
    • Sera.

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