• What does computer science study?

    Dmitry Chepcheruk
    Dmitry Chepcheruk
    August 14, 2012
    What does computer science study?

    In order to understand what computer science is studying, one must first turn to the origin of the word.

    The term computer science comes from French. It comes from the words information, which means information and automatique - automatics. Thus, the science of computer science is studying information automation.

    Computer science is a science that studies the structure, properties, methods of collecting, storing and searching for information, as well as its processing, transformation and application in various fields of activity.

    Applications of computer science are diverse. It is used in everyday life by ordinary users to store personal information, office workers to account for and control the production process, design organizations to develop new systems, mechanisms and buildings, industrial enterprises to control and automate production.

    The task of computer science, first of all, is the accumulation and systematization of information, as well as the establishment of links and patterns.The result of this work is to obtain a qualitatively new type of information (reports, analyzes, operation of control and computing systems).

    Daily people are in the information flow. No matter how muddied this information whirl is, it is also systematized. We are constantly looking for prices for goods, train tickets, news, educational materials. Everything that the science of computer science studies is tightly embedded in our life.

    The development of computer science would be impossible without the advent of computer technology. The processing of information is almost always the same. With the help of various input devices in the computer information is entered. Processing it is done using all sorts of software. As a result of the work, a qualitatively new or revised old type of information is obtained.

    Thus, we can conclude that computer science is studying the issues of information processing using computers.

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