• What does the name Andrei mean?

    The saying “they are met by clothes ...” often work not only with appearance, but also with the name of a person. If we only know his name about someone, we try to guess what kind of person he is, what personal qualities he has, how he will treat us and how to approach him.

    Meaning of the name Andrew

    What does the name Andrei mean - this name originated in Greece, and in the translation means brave, courageous. This name has many derivatives in other languages: Andrew in English-speaking countries, Andrew in Belarus, Andreas in Greece and Germany, Andrea in Italy, Andre in France, Andres in Spain, Andrzej in Poland.

    What does the name Andrew in the character of its owner, what features are inherent in him and what can be expected from him.

    • Andrew is noisy, restless and often disobedient. Strives to be the main and independent decisions.
    • He is inventive, he often comes up with such decisions that he has never dreamed of. He has a good imagination - a good storyteller and a great inventor.
    • Seeks to show everyone that he is independent, independent and proud,than can unwittingly get involved in conflicts.
    • He rarely participates in large-scale events or promotions, he is not attracted to social activities. But he likes to fight for truth and justice, to defend his point of view.
    • In communication, Andrew is a charming and courageous man, knows how to impress women, joins any company or working team, he seems funny, can tell a lot of funny stories and entertain the public.
    • He is a critic and thinker, he has not just his own point of view, he is well versed in it and can argue it, support the discussion. He is perceptive and critical, so that despite the fact that he himself is able to invent, he will not buy someone else’s lie.
    • Based on his personal qualities, a career as a lawyer, work in the prosecutor's office, as well as using his talents, he can become a writer.
    • He never complains and does not show his weakness, he will rarely seek help, even if he needs it.
    • Andrew can be arrogant, seeing in himself so many magnificent qualities, he believes that it is not appropriate for him to run after the girls and he is waiting for attention from their side.He can be windy and impermanent, but still tends to a stable and strong family. He is jealous, and at the same time highly appreciates what he has and protects it.
    • He is secretive, prefers not to be revealed to a stranger, and even close ones are not always able to say exactly what is in his soul.
    • He is cunning and prudent, always knows what is best for him and how to achieve the desired, he can easily manipulate people. At the same time, he is not a risky person, he will never sacrifice something for the sake of vague greater benefits.

    What does the name Andrew mean for those who want to call it a child. If you decide to name your son Andrew, do not hold him in the fists, it will only cause more resistance, disputes and conflicts, he needs freedom and independence. Only with a very good relationship, he will open up in front of you and will tell you all that he cares about. He will grow up a strong man, ready for difficulties and can become a real pillar of the family.

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