• What does the name Michael mean?

    Angelina Ivanova
    Angelina Ivanova
    August 12, 2011
    What does the name Michael mean?

    The name Michael is an analogue of the Hebrew name Mikael, which in translation means "equal or similar to God."

    What does the name Michael mean - personality, career, family

    Michael is a smart man. He has a logical mindset, instantly oriented in an unfamiliar environment and in an unfamiliar society. But criticism is not adequately perceived. He reacts to various remarks in his address very painfully, he experiences everything inside.

    In general, Michael can get almost any specialty. Especially good, Michael can distinguish himself as a manager! Career ladder can be made in military service.

    To create a family, Michael is looking for a woman who is soft and quick. She adores her children, pampers them. Never forgets about her parents, cares and respects. The name Michael is compatible with the names: Elena, Marina, Vera, Barbara, Alexandra, Dina, Klara, Nina, Tamara, Rimma, Raisa, Elvira and Lydia. Oksana, Sophia and Olga are not very suitable.

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