• What does the name Roman mean?

    Constantine the Great
    Constantine the Great
    August 1, 2011
    What does the name Roman mean?

    Very rarely a person chooses a name for himself, and even this happens only at a conscious age, before that he is forced to respond to the name given to him by his parents, and he will be very lucky if this name is good, harmonious and has a good meaning.

    Meaning of the name

    What the name Roman means, where it came from and how it is translated - this name came from the Latin language, in translation it means Roman. That is, it originally comes from one of the founders of Rome - Romulus. Almost without change, this name is used in other countries besides Russia and the near abroad.

    Name feature

    What does the name Roman mean when it comes to character traits of this man:

    • The novel is inquisitive and thorough, he is interested in almost everything that happens around. In childhood, he is the most unbearable why-boy, from whose questions parents are ready to climb walls.
    • Roma is proud and stubborn, you cannot force him to do anything with force, but it is quite possible to convince him.He does not ask for help from others and does not recognize his weakness, but it is quite possible to argue with him, as he will really listen to your arguments and make an informed decision.
    • Often he has a very pleasant appearance because of which he is afraid to seem soft, so he tries to demonstrate his strength, masculinity and independence in ways that are accessible to him, whether it is problems with discipline, rudeness or tough sports.
    • He is vindictive, does not forget if someone annoy him and can gloat if the offender does not get lucky.
    • He is strong-willed and hardworking, which allows him to achieve success in his career, while he is not influenced, it means that he will not allow himself to go out of the way and abandon his intended goal, whatever others might tell him. This protects him from fraudsters, but he can skip past the wisdom of parents and colleagues.
    • He is patient and does not agree to work, if it is not rewarded. He does too much and will not agree to do something to his own detriment.
    • He is secretive, never known what is on his mind. And the fact that he is a man, that he feels and thinks, he also does not reveal to other people, locking himself in his inner world and showing others only what he sees fit.Therefore, people often consider him too calm and even indifferent and insensitive. And if suddenly something puts him off balance and does not go according to his plan, he is able to explode, which the people around him do not expect and can be greatly frightened.
    • He is convincing and achieves his, sometimes completely incomprehensible way.

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