• Why dream of porridge?

    Anna Kitaychik
    Anna Kitaychik
    February 18, 2015
    Why dream of porridge?

    The dreams that a person sees at night are very diverse, and sometimes unusual. In a dream you can even dream about food. We offer you to find out why porridge dreams and what you should expect after such a dream.Before you interpret a dream, you need to remember exactly in what form or in what situation you dreamed of cereal. Accuracy and proper decoding of your sleep depends on such trifles.

    Have a mess in a dream

    • Porridge for breakfast. If you see that in the morning eat porridge (most likely, milk) - think of loved ones. You need their care and support more than ever to disassemble the accumulated load of worries and problems.
    • If you just eat porridge in a dream - expect well-being and realization of big plans. However, do not relax. Everything will turn out only if you act consistently, deliberately and carefully.
    • When eating semolina in your sleep, expect new gossip. Perhaps they will be exactly about you.

    Cook porridge in a dream

    • For any person to see in a dream that he cooks porridge means further well-being.
    • If in a dream you cook porridge, and it constantly burns or runs away - you will have tense relations with the mother-in-law.
    • To see in a dream that you make porridge for a particular person means that a disease is waiting for him.

    Other interpretations

    • For a sick person, porridge in a dream is the first step to recovery. And for a healthy person, the opposite is waiting for a disease.
    • For a young family, porridge in a dream - news about the future child. If people are not yet painted, then this is a sign of the upcoming wedding.
    • For the elderly, porridge means extra hassle and sadness.
    • And if in a dream you smear porridge or accidentally get dirty in it - wait for a ridiculous situation and try to treat it with humor.

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