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    What does a cell predict in a dream?

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    What dreams cell

    On the spring dream book

    A cell can dream of an unmarried woman to a speedy marriage with an unloved one. For a married lady, this dream speaks of the powerful husband who controls her.

    According to the summer dream book

    In this dream book, a clean cage, where birds sing loudly, foreshadows the arrival of cheerful guests.

    According to the autumn dream book

    A closed and large cage with parrots for the dreamer symbolizes friendly relatives.

    Dream interpretation A. Meneghetti

    This interpreter of dreams indicates that a cell can act as a constraint. Most likely you are not comfortable, as if someone is pressing. It is likely that in real life you are depressed, and therefore you can not build a career and to establish a personal life. On the other hand, a cage for a girl can symbolize sexual desire if she releases the bird from her.

    Female dream book

    If a sleeping man dreamed of many birds that huddle in one cage, then this is to improve the financial state.One bird means the desire to become a married man, to get married. The dream cage interprets a cage empty and without birds as the loss of one of the family members. The dreamer, who managed to catch a predator in a cage, can rejoice, in reality he will be able to defeat the pests. It is not good just to see yourself imprisoned in a metal cage. It promises trouble. It should be more prudent in order not to get into an accident.

    Dream Medea

    The cell itself symbolizes limited space. If a songbird appeared in a cage, then you probably have a beloved, but you are used to holding back your emotions. Releasing the bird - for love adventures. Empty cell promises unforeseen circumstances in life.

    Dream interpretation E. Tsvetkova

    Locked birds in a cage, can dream of a successful love affair, but what was the vision of an empty cage? For a sleeping person, this dream promises a break in relations, betrayal. If you watch someone open a cage, then this warns about the appearance of an opponent on the love front.

    Dream Miller

    For a sleeping person, it can be considered lucky if he has a cage in which many birds are locked.In real life, this foreshadows the wealth and birth of charming children. One bird symbolizes a profitable marriage for both parties. An empty cell says either about the death of a loved one, or about escaping from a loved one. Predators, closed in a cage, suggest your victory over your own fear and enemies. But if you are with them behind the same lattice, then in real life you should be wary of a tragic accident or accident that may be related to travel.

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