• What dreams keys?

    Angelica Artemyeva
    Angelica Artemyeva
    August 7, 2012
    What dreams keys?

    There are many dream books, interpreting various dreams. But in the question: what is the key to the dream, they all agree that this subject is a very powerful sign, a harbinger of change, finding solutions to the spiritual or physical plane.

    The key is a powerful sign that symbolizes a person’s ability to unlock doors to solve problems. The key helps to penetrate into some secrets, to find non-standard solutions, a simple way out of a difficult situation.

    They will love the person who has found the key, an important secret will be revealed to him, a lucky chance will be presented, an opportunity will be given to get rid of troubles, there will be changes for the better in life, all problems will be solved successfully.

    Lost the key expect squabbles, problems, he risks being in a difficult position. Loss of keys in a dream - a harbinger of irritation, self-doubt. The inability to enter the house due to the loss of keys - dissatisfaction in love.

    On the contrary, picking up the keys is a dream for a happy occasion, owning a golden key is an acquaintance with an influential person.

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