• Why dream of a gypsy?

    Oksana Vasilyeva
    Oksana Vasilyeva
    March 7, 2015
    Why dream of a gypsy?

    Think about what in real life do you associate a gypsy? With fortune telling, with deception, with theft? Most likely, this is exactly what your subconscious wants to “tell” you when you see a gypsy in a dream. This is the common interpretation of this symbol of dreams. And yet in different dream books different decoding options are offered. Let's find out why the gypsy dreams according to old and modern dream books.

    • Gypsy in a dream by Miller’s dream book predicts a love affair. In other dream books, this symbol is interpreted as a call for vigilance - the people around you may not be the ones they claim to be.
    • Old gypsy - wait for a change for the better. Whether you like it or not, something in your life will change drastically.
    • Pregnant Gypsy - you had the chance to present yourself or soon a chance to influence your destiny. Do not miss it!
    • Gypsy wonders. According to Freud, such a dream warns you that you are unnecessarily trusting or even entrust your life to an unreliable person.For example, for a woman on the eve of a wedding, this dream can predict an unhappy marriage.
    • Gypsy steals. If you have a gipsy stole something in your dream, then pay attention to the stolen item. For example, a stolen wallet may portend financial loss, and a ring a separation. Also, such a dream may indicate that you are missing something very important.
    • Gypsy predicts. If in the prediction of the gypsy you remember any special phrases or words, expect that the prediction in reality will come true. But also teach that prophecy may have an allegorical meaning.
    • Gypsy with a child. Wait for unusual people to appear in your environment.
    • Seeing yourself a gypsy is a very good sign. You will be lucky in everything. A happy marriage or a new love adventure is not excluded.

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