• What dreams of flies?

    Angelica Artemyeva
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    What dreams of flies?

    There are dreams that are remembered precisely because of their unusualness. Sometimes we clearly see things that we pay little attention to in ordinary life. And when this happens, sometimes you really want to know what such a strange dream can foretell.

    For example, flies. What dreams of flies? They symbolize annoying buddies, colleagues, annoying relatives or neighbors who strongly bother you with their demands, quibbles, the ability to come and call is always inappropriate and communication is difficult to avoid.

    True, the value of sleep can vary, in accordance with the way you dreamed flies,. If you catch flies in a dream, then there is a high probability of getting into trouble through your own fault. As for the flies in the plate, such a dream means some unpleasant event that will soon happen to you. By the way, killing flies in a dream is good. This means that you will avoid problems. But circling around and humming flies foreshadow, become an object for gossip.

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