• What flowers are best suited for the kitchen?

    Kitchen - this is an important room of any apartment, because it is on her hostess spends a lot of her time. That is why we strive to make it as functional, comfortable and cozy as possible, buying for this expensive furniture, beautiful dishes and decorative elements. Homemade fresh flowers are one of the variants of such decor; they can become both a pleasant decoration and the subject of real hostess pride.

    Contrary to popular belief that the atmosphere of the kitchen has a negative effect on the growth and development of any indoor plants, there are many representatives of the flora, which not only can, but also need to be placed in this room.

    Due to the increased humidity and a large amount of carbon dioxide, which plants breathe, they feel they are just fine there, however, when choosing a certain one, you still need to follow certain rules. So, what to consider when choosing a flower for the kitchen?

    • The location of the sink and oven.Splashes of soapy water, grease and too high temperatures, which can periodically appear near the oven, will not affect even the most resistant indoor plants in the most positive way. Therefore, avoid their immediate neighborhood, for the rest - any accommodation options will do.
    • Dimensions of the kitchen. Of course, if you have impressive areas, you can decorate them with outdoor shrubs or trees. In the conditions of a small kitchen, you need to choose small and possibly squat plants.
    • Illumination. When choosing a green friend to the kitchen, one should be guided by its growth features, in particular, this concerns the necessary level of illumination - its disadvantage can be detrimental to the flourishing representatives.

    What flowers to choose?

    Of course, you should not risk and buy for the kitchen some rare, exotic and, accordingly, expensive plants that can be extremely capricious in their care. The best options are unpretentious and common species, among which there are also many beautiful and attractive flowers. Let's see which of them can be selected in accordance with specific desires.

    Blooming representatives

    The brightest and most inspiring are, of course, plants that often delight their owners with beautiful buds. Usually they are placed on the windowsills, so that the flowers have enough light. They include begonias, violets, geranium, Kalanchoe, azalea, primula, and bulbous - hyacinths or tulips. Many of them can bloom for certain holidays, which will please the hostess and her guests even more.

    Fruit plants

    And what about the idea of ​​organizing a real small kitchen garden in your own kitchen? Many fruit plants in this room will look even more than appropriate, for example, they include decorative peppers, citrus fruits (mandarin or lemon) or coffee trees.

    However, it is necessary to take into account that the latter occupy a lot of space, they are usually placed near the window on the working surfaces. Another option is to arrange the fragrant greens around the pretty pots - in the conditions of the apartment, the parsley and dill, the usual green onions and even the basil are fine!

    Curly representatives

    Again, if you have a very small kitchen, but, nevertheless, you really want to decorate it with live plants, you can resort to using decorative pendants or pots, from which green leaves will fancifully hang.

    Perfect ivy, chlorophytum, tradescantia, asparagus, passionflower. However, you need to remember, the higher you have a pot with a plant, the drier the air is there, which means it will need to be watered and sprayed more often.


    For those who are afraid that they will not be able to provide regular care, you can try to grow succulents that are generally unpretentious and do not require frequent watering. These include various types of cacti, aloe and crassula. For originality, you can create compositions of several types in one large pot, and you can place them almost anywhere: on the dining table, windowsill, free shelves or work surfaces.

    Outdoor plants

    Perhaps they are suitable not for every kitchen, because we do not always have the opportunity to place impressive floor pots. But if things are different, then it is a great idea to create a real plant oasis. For this ideal ficuses, dracaena, monsteras, hibiscus and others. Despite the fact that they almost never bloom, their fancy leaflets create a special atmosphere and are good at cheering up.

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