• What fruits can nursing moms?

    The onset of pregnancy and the feeding period are often associated with the emergence of many prohibitions and a change in the usual way of life. It is impossible, it is impossible, it is dangerous, and it is useful and so on. Of course, the future and real mothers themselves agree on that, because now they are responsible for one more life. If you can give yourself the slack, then the child's body, especially the body of a newborn, will not let you relax. Today we will talk about food and the period of feeding. What fruits can be nursing moms, and which should be avoided? Let's figure it out.

    Fruits for nursing mothers

    This question does not arise by chance, because many fruits are allergens, and their entry into the body of a nursing woman immediately means the entry into the body of the baby. This does not mean the presence of allergies in the baby, but can provoke it due to the not yet formed digestive system, the lack of necessary enzymes.

    What to pay attention to in general? What fruits can nursing moms? First of all, those for whom mom or other family members (dad's registration is obligatory) are not allergic.

    You can those fruits that women want, which she loves, but in all things the main thing - the measure. Eat even the most beloved and desired fruits in moderation.

    After eating a particular fruit and feeding the child, see if there was any influence. If the child has changed the chair, the stomach hurts, any kind of rash appears - exclude this fruit from the diet and consult a doctor if necessary. Honestly, only by experience and it is possible to determine which fruits can be nursing mothers, because each has its own individual organism, and it is impossible to unequivocally answer what is and what is not.

    Preference is better to give fruit that grows in your territory, familiar to your body. Do not get carried away with exotic, but if you really want, try a little bit and watch the reaction of the baby.

    Speaking about which fruits can and cannot be, it is necessary to touch on their quality. Of course, you can not unripe fruits or damaged, rotted. Fruit can be eaten only thoroughly washed! Do not eat directly in the store, the microbes that your body can fight will not be able to overcome the body of the baby! Eat only fresh, ripe, good fruit.

    Do not get involved in citrus fruits (oranges, tangerines, grapefruits, lemons). They are the most allergenic. Again, this is about excessive consumption. In general, all fruits enter into the diet gradually, gradually, watching for any manifestations of the baby. You can mark them, write down somewhere, perhaps a change of stool or other symptoms is just a coincidence with the time you take the fruit. Unfortunately, you can check, just by repeating. If the reaction is observed again, exclude the fruit.

    Any fruit should not be eaten on an empty stomach or immediately after the main meal. Let it be snacks between meals.

    The benefits of fruit for moms and kids

    • Apples are good for the intestines. Good in baked form. Peel better to peel.
    • Peaches contain magnesium, help mother find peace of mind. The baby receives material for the forming brain.
    • Banana is an excellent energy drink, but remember that this energy is due to calories. You should not get involved in them, but do not exclude, because the banana contains the "hormone of happiness."
    • Plums On many, they have a laxative effect, so be careful. May cause intestinal problems.
    • Apricots and grapes are useful for the bones of the baby.
    • Watermelon (although the berry, touch it) is good for milk production, improves metabolism. But there is one thing here. Now it is difficult to find a watermelon without chemicals, so you can eat them if you have your own. And of course, you should not eat them out of season. More likely to meet a good, natural watermelon in September.
    • Pears are rich in potassium, vitamin B9, C, A. They also contain many beneficial trace elements. But be sure to peel the pears and watch the baby’s reactions. Some feel well after feeding, and someone may experience colic if mom has eaten pears.

    So, what kind of fruit can be nursing mom? Those that tolerates her baby. And you can only check in practice. Remember two rules: measure and monitor the reactions of the baby.

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