• What have to pay the magicians for their gift?

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    Answered on December 9, 2014 15:13
    If they are clairvoyants, by the fact that they see too much of everything terrible, terrible - that which is unknown to others. It's very hard. If a person is engaged in healing, then this is a tremendous fatigue from working with people, from wasting their energy and strength on them. Every day - new troubles of strangers, new grief. In general, any magician (if he is real, of course) does not actually belong to himself, because he was given such a gift so that he would help people, serve them. This is a huge burden. Plus, and about his fate, the magician can sometimes see that = something that he would not like to see.
    The witcher
    The witcher
    I agree entirely. The white magician is an assistant of people, he belongs to the people.

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