• What is a class in math?

    Alexandra Malysheva
    Alexandra Malysheva
    January 13, 2015
    What is a class in math?

    Not everyone knows what a class is in math. This concept has the same definition not only in this science, but also in logic. The class in this case is a set, an arbitrary collection of objects, which can be both finite and infinite. All these items are distinguished by a certain attribute.

    In mathematics, this term occurs in set theory and refers to arbitrary sets of sets. A more precise definition of a class usually depends on the choice of the initial axiom system.

    Class of natural numbers

    There is also the concept of "class of natural numbers". The natural numbers themselves are considered one of the oldest definitions in mathematics, they imply the numbers that arise naturally when counting. The sequence of natural numbers in ascending order is a natural series.

    For reading large natural numbers, the number is divided into special groups consisting of three numbers. The breakdown starts from the right edge. These groups are called classes.The first three digits from the edge belong to the class of units, the next three are the class of thousands, then the class of millions. A million represents a thousand thousand and is written down as a reduction million 1 million = 1 000 000. A billion - one thousand million, is used in the reduction as billion 1 billion = 1 000 000 000. To read a natural number, from left to right, the numbers by class and add the class name.

    In this case, the class names of the units are not pronounced, and classes consisting of three 0 are also omitted. If the class record has the number 0 and two more 0, then they are ignored and the number obtained by excluding zeroes is read. For example, 003 is read as “three,” and 035 as “thirty-five.” At the core of the skill of reading natural many-valued numbers is the ability to split multi-digit numbers into classes, knowledge of classes, as well as the ability to read three-digit numbers.

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