• What is a double?

    March 19, 2015
    What is a double?

    The word "double" is more significant than we used to think, because it refers not only to the sphere of cinema. Let us consider in order what a double is, what meaning this word can acquire.

    In the general meaning, a double is a combination of two phenomena, objects or events that repeat the same thing and perform the same function.

    • Film Double - the completed act of shooting an episode, used when shooting clips and movies.
    • In television, a duplicate is a copy of the broadcasting grid of the channel for subsequent broadcasting in different time zones of the country.
    • A double in sports games refers to two goals scored by one player, as well as two results achieved within a specific time period in a sporting event.
    • Domino has its own double - a dummy bone without glasses or a bone with the same number of points on both sides.
    • Double is also called the Guernsey currency.

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