• What is a genre?

    Alla Miroshnik
    Alla Miroshnik
    January 17, 2013

    Considering the question of what a genre is, one should pay attention to the fact that this concept is mainly used in art. There are literary and pictorial, theatrical and journalistic, musical and other genres. With the advent of computer games, they also began to be classified by genre. The genre is of French origin, translated as "genus".

    Under the genre understand the set of the most significant properties and phenomena in the world of art, the unity of the content and formal features of the work. According to certain characteristics, his works are related to a particular genre, for example, it can be a story, an ode (literature), comedy, drama (cinema), vaudeville, rock opera, pantomime (theater), portrait, landscape, still life (painting) , action, action-shooters (computer games), etc.

    What is a genre in literature

    The literary genre characterizes a group of literary works, which are united by a combination of not only formal features, but also meaningful properties.In order to understand what a genre is in literature, one must first become acquainted with the concepts of "genus" and "species" in literature.

    Very often, a genre in literature is identified with a kind of literature, but these are different concepts. The genus of fiction is a broader concept, each of the genus of literature includes several genres. In total, the literature distinguishes three genders: the epic (story about events), the drama (the image of events on the stage), the lyrics (the experience of events, the image of feelings). So, it turns out that each of the kinds of literature includes certain genres. The epic most often (but not always) includes prosaic genres, for example, a novel, a story, or a story. Dramas include theater genres, for example, comedy, tragedy. Dramatic works are most often written in the form of plays. Lyrics include works of poetry, such as elegy, song, ode.

    But there is another definition of genres in literature. Some scholars distinguish the kinds of literature, its types and genres, that is, three concepts, not two. The species in this case occupies an intermediate position between the genus and the genre. Example: drama (gender) - comedy (view) - sitcom (genre).In such a theory, the genre acquires a narrower and more specific meaning. However, the school adheres to a simpler theory, where only genders and genres of literature stand out. To make it clearer, we list the genres of different kinds.

    • Epos - novel, story, short story, story, fable, ballad, myth, tale, poem, epic, thought, legend, legend, ballad, parable, small genres (proverbs, sayings, riddles, etc.), etc. .
    • Drama - tragedy, comedy, drama, farce, vaudeville, tragifars, rite, game, folk drama, den, raquek, etc.
    • Lyrics - elegy, ode, hymn, sonnet, romance, epistle, madrigal, epigram, song, rondo, etc.

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