• What is a lasso?

    Elena Melnichenko
    Elena Melnichenko
    February 27, 2015
    What is a lasso?

    Arcana (from the English. Arcane - "rare") in the game DotA - one of the eight types of rarity items (things), which at the moment is the highest in the hierarchy. Arkana not only can change the appearance of the hero, but also the icon on the map, as well as sound abilities.

    Below is written about how you can get a lasso.

    Where is Arkana?

    In order to get a lasso in the game, you can use several ways:

    • to purchase. You can buy it (buy it) at the DotA store or convince one of the players to sell it to you (although this option rarely works, you can try to persuade one of your game friends). In addition, very often in the chat you can find offers to sell or purchase this rarity. Initial cost - 700 rubles;
    • get. Also, this rarity can be obtained by participating in various tournaments in the game. It is worth noting that participation in the tournament does not guarantee getting lassos, because your chances of success / loss are 50 to 50%. You can immediately get a rarity, but you can wait a few days. It all depends on luck.

    Players who manage to get a lasso get additional features in the game. It is worth noting that each rarity is painted in its own color. Arkana at the same time painted in lime (color code # ADE55C).

    Now you know what the arcana is. About other types of rarity items you can find out.

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