• What is a multiplier?

    Vladimir Kulinich
    Vladimir Kulinich
    January 28, 2013
    What is a multiplier?

    Everyone has ever met with the word "multiplier" in mathematics and not only. But what is a multiplier? We will tell you about him in our article.

    The multiplier (in mathematics) is any number by which our given number Z is divided without remainder. This is a number that will show us how many times to repeat as a term of another number, called multiplicable. The product is the result of these mathematical calculations. If there are several factors, they are numbered in order: “factor 1”, “factor 2”, and so on.

    For example, the number 35 has two multipliers - 5 and 7.

    To understand what are simple factors, you need to know the signs of dividing any numbers by 2; 3; 5; 10.

    If the number is small, then the decomposition into prime factors is easy to do using the multiplication table.

    For example:

    1. let's decompose the number 8. We know that 8 = 2 * 4. Our numbers 4 and 2 are prime, which means they are prime factors of the number 8;
    2. let's decompose the number 144. So 144 = 72 * 2; 72 = 36 * 2; 36 = 18 * 2; 18 = 9 * 2. Numbers 2; 2; 2; 2; 9 is simple, which means they are prime factors of the number 144.

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