• What is a passport photo?

    Elena Shchugoreva
    Elena Shchugoreva
    March 13, 2013
    What is a passport photo?

    When you have to collect a package of documents for obtaining a Russian passport, everyone will need to know what passport photo you will need to do. After all, it will be very disappointing, after going through the whole procedure of collecting documents, to go over the photos, and then again stand in line to hand over them to the passportist.

    Photo size

    The photo on the Russian passport is done in black and white. You need to know exactly what size of a passport photo a citizen of the Russian Federation needs. The main parameters of the photo are as follows. Its size should be 37 mm by 47 mm, it can be reduced or increased by 2 mm. After the passport office inspector cuts it, it must be exactly 35 by 45 mm. If you go to a photo studio, then knowledge of the size will be enough for you. But if you take photos yourself, you must clearly follow the rules of proportion of the face. The front part should be 12 mm, divergence in the smaller or larger side is allowed for 1 mm. Let us clarify what is the front part of your photo.If you draw a line vertically in the middle of the face, and horizontally through the pupils of the eyes, and the second line horizontally through the lower point of the chin, then the distance between the two intersection points will be the front part. Above the head, the free field should not exceed 5 mm and should not be less than 4 mm. Head tilts are not allowed, eyes should be open, it is impossible for hair to hang down on them.

    Photo features

    The person in the photo should be depicted strictly in full face, his facial expressions should not distort his features. There should be no headgear. Clothing should be monophonic.

    You also can not be photographed in sunglasses. The picture must be of high quality, sharpness clear, without glare and extraneous defects. Retouching is not allowed in order to embellish a person’s face that will distort the real look of the face, it should be easily recognizable. Retouching can only be technical. The contrast of the photo should be medium, light and light soft. The background of the photo should be made lighter than the face, so it’s best to be photographed in dark clothes. It is necessary to print photos on paper no thicker than 0.3 mm.And at the end of the story, what photos are needed for a passport, we add that they do not need to put tea and coffee so that there are no stains, they do not have to be folded and made into creases.

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