• What is a precedent?

    Elena Odushkina
    Elena Odushkina
    May 17, 2015
    What is a precedent?

    A precedent is a similar event that has already happened sometime in the past, but serves as an example or reminder in the present and the future (from the Latin previous). Hence the unprecedented - an event that has never happened in history.

    Judicial precedent - a previously adopted court decision, which is based on when sentencing new similar cases. Based on this, Case Law is based, when sentences are not imposed in accordance with the law, but by the decision of similar cases. For example, such a right is common in the UK and the USA. What right is valid on the territory of the Russian Federation, you can learn from our article What is the right in Russia.

    What is the precedent in programming? The term means the specification of step-by-step actions when creating and designing systems. Training on precedents - the ability of the system to learn from positive and negative examples empirically, as a result of which rules and classification and prediction algorithms are developed.

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