• What is a project?

    Elena Shchugoreva
    Elena Shchugoreva
    January 14, 2013
    What is a project?

    The word "project" has recently become fashionable and significant. We invite you to take part in the project, - they write on announcements about the set of waitresses in a summer cafe. Young geniuses are also invited to the new information security department, this is also a project. In the festival of break dance, invited teams, they write in advertising - the project. Previously, the project was called a paper-drawn plan-drawing device. Let's see what the project is? Where this word can be used and it will be correct, and where it is not worth it.

    Concept definition

    The word "project" in Latin means "thrown forward," that is outstanding forward. Consequently, the project is a plan for the future, according to him it is easy to build work. The project is the alleged actions that will be taken in the direction of the project's theme. The project can exist in any field of human activity. For example, in engineering, the project involves the release of new car brands, and in a snack bar a new project will end with baking new buns in a new oven.In scientific understanding, there is also the concept of a project, which means a complex of processes that has inherent qualities only. Simply put, it is a special, different from the previously existing, idea that has found its practical implementation in a number of actions and tasks. The main feature of this idea, which gives the right to be called a project, is its uniqueness. Also, each project has a realistic goal, the intended result. It is judged by him, the project is implemented or not.

    Project activities

    What is included in the work on the project, in the modern sense of the word in relation to the production? Here you can call a huge number of activities aimed at achieving the ultimate goal.

    • The first direction, of course, is management. Project management is a whole science in management, quite serious and complex. Its ability to coordinate all the components of a new development depends on its success, and the final profit.
    • The second direction involves the joint work of managers and production: the solution of a highly specialized task, product development for the customer.This phase of the project is so important that we can talk about its leading role in the project.
    • One of the important areas is marketing activities in the project. The study of demand, the formation of proposals, drawing up a vision of a new product. All the findings of marketing research make it possible to understand why a project is needed for consumers. Also they can include design documentation, technological developments and software.

    Project life cycle

    Each project is limited to any period of time, this is its distinguishing feature. First comes the theoretical part, the installation. At this time all work plans are being developed. Then comes its implementation, reporting and conclusions. Then the work is surrendered and accepted by the customer.

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