• What is a prototype?

    Anna Piskunova
    Anna Piskunova
    February 3, 2015
    What is a prototype?

    In the literature, talking about the adventures of some protagonist, the authors often turn to their experience of meetings, emotions, thoughts, impressions. So there are characters or heroes. Sometimes these heroes are somehow reminiscent of real people - in this case we can talk about prototypes. We will discuss further what a prototype is and where we can encounter the use of this word.

    What is prototype: definition

    Often the original or original sample is called the prototype. The word is used in various fields, but its general meaning is just that.

    Also, the word has other meanings, among which are the following:

    • The person who became the prototype for the writer in the construction of a literary character.
    • The original form or form of any organ or organism that gave rise to later organs and organisms.
    • One who is the predecessor or model for the next;
    • The abstract image, in which a variety of similar forms of the same one joined, imprinted characteristic properties.
    • Fast, draft implementation of a future system.
    • A working model, a prototype device or parts in design, engineering, modeling.
    • Template.

    Thus, the word "prototype" has spread far beyond the artistic sphere and is used in all its diversity from literature to programming.

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