• What is a revolution?

    Elena Minkina
    Elena Minkina
    July 19, 2012
    What is a revolution?

    Studying history in school, we learned about revolutions (bourgeois, socialist). Each of us heard about the "velvet revolution" and even more so about the scientific and technological revolution. But what is a revolution? Let's try to give a clear answer to this question.

    What does revolution mean?

    The development of nature and society can take a revolutionary or evolutionary path. During evolutionary development, changes occur gradually, rather slowly. In contrast, a revolution represents a sharp leap, leading to significant qualitative changes.

    At present, the term “revolution” is applied not only to the description of a sharp jump in the development of the state and society, but also drastic changes in nature, science, technology, and some spheres of public life. Surely each of you heard about the industrial revolution, the sexual revolution, the revolution in physics, etc.

    What is a revolution: the definition of bourgeois and socialist revolution

    • Bourgeois revolution is called one of the types of social revolution.The main task of this revolution is to change feudal relations to capitalist ones. As a result, a bourgeois state is being created. In colonial countries, bourgeois revolutions lead to the formation of independent states.
    • The socialist revolution is also a social revolution. As a result, it is the transition of society to the communist formation. The main tasks of the socialist revolution are: the transfer of political power to the workers, the cessation of the exploitation of man by man.

    What is a scientific revolution

    The scientific revolution called major, fundamental changes in science, which are caused by the emergence and further development of any scientific theory. The scientific revolution breaks the existing scientific ideas about a phenomenon and leads to a change in the style of scientific thinking. If it is simpler to say, then a scientific revolution can be called the emergence of a new concept or idea that can solve the problems that cannot be solved until this day, simplify the technological process in the production of certain products (reduce production costs, speed up, etc.) or take a different look known problems.

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