• What is a roadmap?

    The combination of the words "road map" is widely used. What is a roadmap? In the literal and literal sense, this is an atlas of roads that connect geographical control points. Also, the road map can have a route value - it can indicate the path of movement of cargo or people from the starting point to the final one. But the combination of "road map" is used in a completely different meaning. There is a technological roadmap - it represents the idea of ​​releasing a product and / or supplying it to consumers. The roadmap is a plan of action to move towards a certain state that is the goal. Today we will talk more about what a roadmap is in business.

    In modern conditions, competent planning and forecasting of business development has become a matter of enterprise viability. Even in the smallest business it is impossible to abandon planning and live for one day. Today, to go with the times means to go very quickly, and the most important thing is to know where to go.

    However, the more complex the business, the more factors influence its future, the more variables have to be taken into account when planning and the higher the risk of making a mistake in calculations.

    "Roadmap" - what is it?

    One of the main problems in strategic business planning is the lack of visibility. All complex calculations existed fragmented and therefore not always clearly connected with each other. A new method of forecasting in business - the creation of a technological roadmap - is designed to solve this problem. Talking about what the roadmap is is not easy. In short, this is a clear step-by-step scenario for the development of an enterprise, a product or a large business structure. A distinctive feature of technological roadmaps is universality and interactivity. The phrase "roadmap" appeared when translating the English word roadmapping, which means the process of mapping actions in any field.

    A roadmap is inherently a graphical plan for developing a business or selling a particular product, taking into account all known factors.At the same time, in contrast to, for example, a business plan, the card assumes several development scenarios, and also takes into account all possible risks. The basis of a roadmap is nodes or specific points at which important business decisions need to be made depending on the current competitive market situation. In this case, the map takes into account the consequences of each of the possible solutions. Nodes correspond both to a specific stage of development and to the estimated time that an enterprise should go to this stage. At the same time, it is possible to make changes in the technological roadmap, for example, with the appearance of a new technology or a more competitive product.

    As a result, relying on the roadmap, the company's management is able to quickly respond to changes in the market situation, clearly understanding what those or other actions will lead to.

    The pros and cons of the Roadmap in business

    Now a little about the versatility of road mapping. The advantage of the method is that it can be used almost everywhere, from the promotion of a single product or product line to the technological roadmaps of the whole state.In addition, road mapping can cover the work of the entire enterprise as a whole, as well as individual areas of its activity. For example, in Russia they started talking about this method after the road map of the Russian Federation was presented, in which the emphasis was placed on reducing the share of the resource economy in the country and increasing the share of industrial enterprises. At the same time, road maps cover a sufficient period of time. The forecast period of business in them can reach 10 years, and in some cases even longer.

    As an example of the benefits of technological maps can result in the construction industry. The possibility of a long detailed forecast is necessary, if only because a very significant period of time may elapse between the start of designing an object and the time of its delivery. A roadmap in construction can reduce very dangerous risks where other methods will not even reveal them.

    However, with all the advantages of this method in Russia, road mapping has not yet been widely adopted. More often, it is perceived simply as a kind of fashionable trend and is treated with insufficient seriousness.However, at its core, the process of creating technological roadmaps is very laborious and highly intelligent. The creation of a roadmap usually involves experts from various fields: economists, sociologists, marketers, scientists, programmers, etc. The size of the working group and, as a consequence, the price of a roadmap directly depends on the task. For example, it takes less effort to create a map for a specific product. And the creation of a roadmap of the state is a job for a whole institution, and sometimes not just one.

    Currently, there are many proposals to create roadmaps online. There are organizations specializing in industry maps, there are those who are ready to do any kind of work. In any case, the technological roadmap is a serious help in the development of a business that can help solve complex problems in the near future and in the long term.

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