• What is a runny nose?

    Tamara Kovalenko
    Tamara Kovalenko
    March 27, 2013
    What is a runny nose?

    The nose is part of the face of a person and is involved in smell, breathing. The nose performs the following functions: heats the flow of cold air, plays the role of a filter. Nature has taken care of human security.

    Runny nose

    What is a runny nose, everyone knows, at least once in his life having had this disease. The average European during its life more than 200 times "catches" a cold. 2/3 of the population suffers from it annually, and some suffer several times a year.

    Runny nose - inflammation of the nasal mucosa. Rhinoviruses are the most invincible viruses in the world. A runny nose is rarely an independent disease, more often it is a symptom of ARVI or ORZ. Modern medicine, despite tremendous progress in many areas, is not able to effectively treat the common cold. It is imperative that during infections, a runny nose, you need to adhere to the rules that protect against infection and the receipt of viruses: wash your hands with soap and water several times a day, do not greet the hand, because there may be many viruses on your hands.

    Symptoms of rhinitis

    When a runny nose occurs, the person’s symptoms appear as follows:

    • frequent sneezing
    • burning in the nose,
    • dry throat, high fever,
    • discharge of fluid from the nose, which increases, thickens every day more and more.

    Causes of rhinitis

    The causes of rhinitis, i.e. inflammatory process in the nose may be the following:

    • low air ecology
    • hypothermia,
    • inflammation of the nasal mucosa,
    • infection,
    • allergens.

    Stages of a cold

    • In the first stage, which lasts from several hours and even up to two days, the patient may feel dryness of the nasal mucosa, burning and continuous itching in the nose. Nose breathing is difficult, perception of smells and tastes are disturbed, body temperature is usually normal.
    • In the second stage, the rhinovirus begins to multiply actively. Nasal discharge begins, breathing in the nose is difficult, tearing begins, frequent sneezing, lays ears, fever, headache.
    • The third stage is accompanied by mucopurulent nasal discharge, occurs 4-5 days after infection.
    • In the fourth stage, recovery begins or runny nose turns into more complex diseases: sinusitis or otitis.

    If a person has an immune system in good shape, then the body is activated, fighting infection. If the human body is weakened, then recovery without treatment may fail, and in the future it may lead to serious complications.

    Treatment of rhinitis

    Treatment of rhinitis can occur by different methods: drugs or old grandmothers remedies.

    • nasal drops (Sanorin, Galazolin, Tizin, etc.),
    • onion garlic,
    • warming up the nose,
    • inhalation
    • washing with water, lemon juice nasal cavity.

    Now you know what a runny nose is, how to fight it. Be healthy!

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