• What is a school?

    February 25, 2015
    What is a school?

    The concept of "school" exists in our life almost since childhood, accompanies us in adolescence and youth. The system of training, classes, teachers and students. What is a school in the conventional sense of the word?

    Below are the origins of the term, the definition of the concept and the variety of schools.

    Origin of the term

    Initially, in ancient Greece, the school meant free leisure, spending time. Then - classes at a leisure, later - philosophical conversations, study. In Russian, the word came from Polish, and Polish - from Latin - "schola".

    Modern definition of the concept

    Today, the concept of school means educational institution of general education. It can accompany the name of any institution where they receive general and special education: music, art, sports schools. And also - a dance school, martial arts school, etc.

    Types of school facilities

    There are schools: primary education (from 1 to 4 grades), secondary, vocational and special education. In this context, institutions and universities are also figuratively called “higher education”.Also in many countries there are private and public schools.

    Time distribution

    In schools, students are usually introduced a clear distribution of study time, which helps the most fruitful implementation of classes. Basically it is a lesson and a change. The lesson, as a rule, lasts up to 45 minutes, and the change - 15 minutes. There are also electives and extra classes in schools.

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