• What is a stack?

    Andrey Kim
    Andrey Kim
    December 19, 2014
    What is a stack?

    The word stack has two meanings, and, quite different. The stack is also the name of the whip used by the rider when riding, and the special organization of the data. In this article we will tell what a stack is in both senses of the word.

    Stack in horse riding

    A stack in horse riding is a thin flexible cane, usually braided, equipped with a handle and a slap. The following types of stacks are distinguished:

    • rival - 75 centimeters long with a narrow slap;
    • dressage - 1-1.2 meters long with a halyard instead of a slap;
    • race - short stack (length less than 50 cm) with a wide rigid slap;
    • canine - short stack (length less than 50 cm) with a wide rigid and long slap.

    You can find stacks in which one or more "tails" are used instead of slapping. Stacks are used for training horses and dogs. In addition, the stack is used in BDSM games.

    Stack as an organization of data

    The concept of a stack as a special structure of data organization was introduced by the English mathematician, scientist Alan Turing. This structure is a list of elements extracted by the principle - LIFO: last in - first out, which means: the last one came in - the first one went out.To describe the LIFO algorithm, we often give an example of a stack of plates — if we want to take the second plate from the stack, we first need to pick up the first one, of course, if we want to cope without loss.

    In most cases, the stack is organized in the form of a unidirectional list, that is, one in which any element is associated only with the following.

    In some programming languages ​​(for example, Lisp and Python), any list is called a stack.

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