• What is a tornado?

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    What is a tornado?

    Tornado is one of the most dangerous weather phenomena. Fortunately, it appears quite rarely, so many people know what a tornado is, but few have seen it. The tornado is a whirlwind from the air, which is formed from the clouds and stretches down. Externally, the tornado is like a funnel, which with the increase of intensity expands more and more. This dark pillar can be several tens of meters in diameter. At the bottom of the pillar also turns into a funnel, and it consists of dust, water, objects that are picked up by this terrible phenomenon.

    Tornado, how is he dangerous?

    If you do not understand the danger of a tornado, then it is enough to imagine that the velocity of air inside the funnel reaches 300 kilometers per hour. Tornado can cause truly terrible destruction all the way. What is striking, there is complete silence just a few meters from the tornado lane. For example, in one city a tornado can destroy everything in its path, and in the suburbs of this city a dark pillar will not even be visible. A tornado is especially dangerous because no one can predict for sure where and when this deadly funnel will appear.There were cases when a tornado destroyed and lifted into the air concrete bridges, cars and entire houses.

    How to distinguish tornado and tornado?

    If you did well in school, you should know how a tornado is different from a tornado. The tornado appears only over land, that is, it is formed from dust and ground objects. As for the tornado, it occurs above the water. Especially often suffer from such climatic disasters, the US coast. Fortunately, in our breadth it is very rare to witness such a phenomenon, but you can see what a tornado is a video, since almost every person has the Internet now.

    This number of tornadoes and tornadoes across the globe is due to a large amount of energy, which under certain conditions can accumulate in low atmospheric layers. Especially often this occurs in hot weather.

    Any tornado or tornado is always destruction and tragedy for many people. With every occurrence of such a climatic cataclysm, people suffer, as a tornado picks up their houses and cars from the ground. There were cases when even people got into the funnel. The well-known soothsayer Vanga told that in childhood she fell into the funnel of a steppe whirlwind.

    Many people do not understand the danger posed by tornadoes and tornadoes, they consider it all just a beautiful phenomenon. Indeed, it is very beautiful, but only from the side. It is categorically not desirable to approach such phenomena, since no one can predict which way the funnel will begin to move in the next moment. Therefore, it is better to watch the video at home and be glad that the tornado has not yet visited your home.

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