• What is a union?

    Tamara Kovalenko
    Tamara Kovalenko
    February 13, 2013
    What is a union?

    According to the Constitution of the Russian Federation (Art. 30) and the Law "On Trade Unions, Their Rights and Guarantees of Activities" (Article 2), the right to join trade unions is guaranteed. Every citizen, after 14 years of age, who works, has the right to create and join a trade union. find out what a trade union is.

    What is a trade union organization

    A trade union is a public association of people who are bound by common professional or production interests. A trade union organization protects the interests of its members, as well as social and labor rights. Union members can be not only state employees, but also those who work part-time.

    Why do we need a union

    Any member of the trade union can rely on protection in matters such as: remuneration, compensation, employment and rest, occupational safety and health. The main objectives of the trade union are the protection of social and labor rights, professional interests of all members of the trade union.

    Trade Union leaders are involved in the development of proposals for regulatory andlegislation, study the lives of their union members, implement programs for the social protection of workers. They also monitor compliance with labor laws, social and medical insurance. Provide material, legal assistance.

    How trade unions are formed

    If there is no trade union organization at your enterprise or educational institution, then you should consider some questions:

    1. There must be a leader willing to take responsibility for the organization and its members.
    2. There must be an initiative group of workers who are ready to show will at work.
    3. The initiative group should be ready to resolve conflicts between workers and employers.

    After the preparatory work, the trade union meeting is held. The meeting makes a decision on the creation of a trade union organization, where they elect a chairman, a trade union committee, and an auditing commission. It also approves the position of the trade union organization, explains what the trade union is, its goals. And then at the presidium of the city or district organization of the trade union a decision is made on the creation and registration of the trade union organization.

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