• What is biology?

    Vera Melnikova
    Vera Melnikova
    January 12, 2015
    What is biology?

    “Bio” is a Greek root, which has become a part of some foreign words of the Russian language. One of these words is the word "biology". What is biology? What is the meaning of this word?

    Biology - the science that studies living organisms on earth, their interaction, the mutual influence on each other. The word “biology” itself in Greek means “life” + “teaching, science”, that is, the science of life, of the living.

    Biologists are studying the phenomena of nature. These are plants and animals. The object of their research is microscopic viruses and bacteria, and huge animals and plants. So the range of biological research is very wide.

    What is studying biology

    • The object of biology are living organisms on earth. For example: "In a biology class, students studied the structure of a flower."
    • Biologists study microorganisms, the results of research are the basis for the production of vaccines against diseases, drugs, food additives and much more. For example: "Biologists, together with other scientists, are working to create a cure for cancer."
    • Biology is not only a science that studies the phenomena of nature on earth. It is also an applied science, that is, its research, discoveries help people understand the laws of life of nature and man, know their place on Earth, make their living environment comfortable for all living things, including man himself.

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