• What is canon?

    Olga Reznik
    Olga Reznik
    August 16, 2012
    What is canon?

    Anyone who asks what a canon is, it would be nice to start with the etymology of this often used word. “Canon” is a Greek word. Translated means a rule, a rule, a law, a dogma.

    The canon is often associated in our consciousness with Christianity. I will explain why. There is such a thing as the biblical canon, denoting the inspired books of the Bible. Moreover, the Catholic canon, Orthodox and Protestant differ in the composition of works.

    There is another stable phrase - "church canon". It relates to the rules of the organization of the church, to the dogma of the cult ...

    In addition to the direct word "canon" there is also a figurative meaning. Canon figuratively means something forever established, generally accepted.

    Also, the word "canon" has narrowly specific meanings. In visual art, canon is a kind of norm that prevails in the art of a certain period of time or direction. The canon in fine arts is also a work of art that serves as a normative model.

    There are other meanings of the word "canon".The canon is a form of polyphonic music, it is also a genre form of liturgical poetry, it is also a stringed plucked musical instrument, popular in the East and in Armenia.

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