• What is demilitarization?

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    What is demilitarization?

    The word �demilitarization� in Russian consists of two components and means the concept opposite to �armament� (literally, it can be translated as �disarmament�).

    • Demilitarization means the elimination of military armaments and fortifications on a specified territory, predetermined by agreement of the parties, a ban to deploy in the territory of the Armed Forces. Such demilitarization zones were usually created along the borders of states at the conclusion of a temporary truce for the safety of the movement of civilians. For example, the strait (Magellan) or the canal (Suez) is demilitarized to ensure safe navigation. There are cases in history when this practice was conducted in relation to cities (Krakow - 1815).
    • As an example of partial demilitarization, the voluntary creation of nuclear-free zones on the territory of various states where the use and deployment of nuclear weapons of mass destruction is prohibited.Thus, for example, according to the 1959 treaties between various countries, the Antarctic is declared completely demilitarized.
    • What is "demilitarization" in the generally accepted sense of the word? Partial or complete refusal to conduct military training. The meaning is opposite to �militarization�, active armament and preparation for the conduct of future military operations.
    • In the narrow sense of the word, it also means the transformation of any weapon into an exhibit during its transfer to the museum, the actual write-off, which means the refusal of combat use.

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