• What is really dangerous envy and how to overcome it?

    Indeed, have you ever heard that men would gossip as fiercely, expose and plot each other to get rid of an opponent? So it turns out that women's envy and jealousy is a very terrible feature that can tarnish your soul and make you a heroine of a Brazilian series. Men are also subject to envy, though a little from the other side.

    Dictatorship of Beauty and Youth

    Artificial philanthropy is one of the features of modern society where kindness, a wide heart and soul are revered in words, and in fact, bidding is going on in the beauty market. We sell everything - from the elasticity of the Brazilian buttocks to the cut eyes, the size of the lips and the shape of the nose. Breast and that is provided by plastic surgeons to choose from: you can choose either round and mouth-watering “oranges”, or rely on the anatomical shape of the implant, then to prove that everything is from mother-nature.Twenty years ago, American psychotherapists noted an amazing form of neurosis, which is developed in people who are jealous and jealous, and called it “Swiss Cheese Syndrome”. Why?

    What is really dangerous envy and how to overcome it?

    This very dictatorship of beauty and youth, albeit an unofficial one, but existing, gives rise to a million complexes among people who in former times would live happily ever after. As a result, even outwardly charismatic people with a quick mind and their own unique, interesting qualities can “catch” social envy. The pain and the feeling of insolvency that he is able to experience and really live through are the very holes of different diameters that dot the famous Swiss cheese.

    The pedestal of popularity

    By the same American psychologists, it was found that the rest of the beautiful people stretch, imitate and do everything to get a piece of this attraction. In essence, human society independently builds idols on a pedestal and strengthens the leading position of beauty and youth. As a result, women packs under the knife to please men, and men imitate success and wealth in order to get women.Especially clearly this trend is traced in the new layer - the generation of twenty and thirty years old. The world still did not know so many pseudo-businessmen, pseudo-entrepreneurs and idle nedomillionaers who live in a literal sense renting, on credit and with rent. And exactly the same around artificial women, artificial not in the sense of appearance, but mentally - those who do not live their lives under the guise of a certain role from the social network, spending a lot of money on a soulful frame and behavior policy in the spirit of "and every day I look like this".

    Pill from imitation of life

    Imitation of a successful and beautiful life leads to the loss of landmarks, emotional trauma, revaluation of values ​​- a person "covered with cheese holes" from head to toe. The invented life behind the scenes is not able to cure, because such an approach to the problem is more like a constant swallowing of an anesthetic instead of going to the doctor. The only thing that really can save a "cheese" comrade is sincere love of close people, especially a spouse or spouses who really love just because you are you.Learning to enjoy the little things, as children can do, for example, is a great art and at the same time the second pledge of a happy and peaceful life.

    What is really dangerous envy and how to overcome it?

    And thirdly, you need to understand that someone else's life is darkness. As long as you complain that you have a nose with potatoes and a bad memory, you will turn your attention to people who you think do not have these disadvantages. There are no ideal people, mother told you, but you still refuse to believe it when you see Svetka. That's really who does not have growth, but growth, not a scythe, but mows, and the toned figure of this beauty drives you crazy. But what's really crazy - it leads you to frank fury. And you begin to pour in the direction of the lucky woman with angry, but silent curses, while Sveta herself herself has so many agonizing years ready to exchange this damn figure for such an ordinary human opportunity to become a mother. How can you know about her serious problems, because a person, drowning in envy, sees in people only what he does not possess. Therefore, he can no longer empathize and becomes less and less a man.

    Just once again, when you want to start envy someone, remember that there are no people without stories, no problems in life, no fears and doubts. And be sure to stop yourself.Life is so much like a boomerang: you will envy someone else's beauty, and envy of others will fly to you in temechko, but only towards you. Be kinder, and everything will work out exactly as you deserve!

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