• What is euphoria?

    Irina Kosheleva
    Irina Kosheleva
    July 19, 2012

    Imagine how you win a million dollars. Or open the door, and there stands a favorite actor or actress with an innocent smile and a proposal of the hand and heart. Submitted? Now you know what euphoria is, but let's look at this state in more detail.

    Euphoria is a state of extreme joy. That feeling, when you supposedly bursting with delight. Happiness fills you to your fingertips, so that you cannot say a word from an excess of positive emotions.

    But there are other meanings for the word "euphoria."

    • In narcology, euphoria is really a feeling of happiness and joy, unlimited delight. Only it is achieved not by the usual human way, but due to the effect of psychotropic substances - drugs. Here, euphoria is one of the signs of drug addiction.
    • In psychiatry, euphoria can be a mental personality disorder. The symptoms are the same - joy, happiness, good mood and good mood.Only this state is permanent. And everything would be fine, but it entails negative consequences - slowness of actions, absent-mindedness, loss of connection with reality.

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