• What is goji?

    June 13, 2014
    What is goji?

    Nowadays, there are many useful plants that are widely used in traditional medicine. These are herbs, flowers, berries. Today, it is often possible to meet on the Internet, as well as hear the word "goji" from fans of natural products. So what is goji? Goji is a shrub and berries of the same name growing on it, which have amazing valuable properties! Where does such a miracle plant grow, and what healing properties are its fruits known for?

    Goji is a fruit shrub of the nightshade family. The bushes, reaching a height of 3.5 meters, are covered with thin spines. The bloom is purple (violet-pink). The berries are oblong, red, juicy, up to 1.5 cm in size. The shrub fruits from May to October, bringing the harvest during this time 13 times. However, the berries collected in August, the most valuable.

    The main habitat of goji shrub is China. Homeland is its central part - Tibet, but goji is grown all over the country and even cultivated all over the world.In the CIS countries, goji is better known as wolfberry or common wolfberry. However, there are rumors that Chinese berries are valuable. In our latitudes, shrubs are wild.

    Goji benefits

    Scientists in Europe and America were amazed to study the composition of goji berries. In the composition of this berry found 21 minerals, 18 amino acids, vitamins C, E, betaine, vitamins of group B, beta-carotene, nicotinic acid, polysaccharides.

    It should be noted that consuming raw goji berries is strictly prohibited, as they contain large amounts of biologically active substances that can cause poisoning of the body. It is no coincidence that people call goji berries “wolfish”. Pre-dried berries are safe and healthy.

    Goji berries, which have an antioxidant effect, slow down the aging process, improve memory, and increase sexual performance. When they are used, the digestive system and metabolism normalize, which helps to lose weight. Nutritionists recommend drinking an infusion of goji berries in the morning on an empty stomach and before bedtime.

    In addition, these berries have a beneficial effect on the human body with anemia, vision problems, kidney and liver diseases, diabetes, hypertension, mental disorders.And using them as a prophylactic is a guarantee of health and long life!

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