• What is good to drink?

    October 13, 2014
    What is good to drink?

    Every day, a person needs about three liters of fluid for the normal functioning of all organs of the body and the removal of toxic substances from the body. From our article you will learn what is good to drink and in what quantities.


    The list of useful liquids is headed by ordinary drinking water, it is necessary to drink at least 2 liters per day. Water performs a number of useful functions for the body, which you can find in more detail in the article Is water useful?

    Lovers of mineral water should take into account that it is necessary to change varieties each time, since the content of mineral substances and elements is different for each class. Take this water should be no more than 1.5 liters per day, preferably without gas. A healing or table water to take strictly on the recommendation of a doctor.


    Perfectly tones, refreshes and heals the body.

    More biologically active substances found in green and herbal tea. This tea normalizes metabolism, energizes, stimulates mental activity.

    Red tea is a preventive measure against colds, and also improves the condition of the skin and hair.

    Tea should be consumed weak in the amount of not more than 4-5 cups per day.

    Juices, fruit drinks, fruit drinks

    Prefer freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices or homemade compotes and fruit drinks.

    Consider that the juice should be drunk immediately after preparation, half an hour before meals or 1.5 hours after. Compote, on the contrary, can be given to insist that it absorb as many vitamins as possible.

    In the day you can drink 1-2 glasses.

    Milk drinks

    Everyone knows that milk and kefir are incredibly beneficial to the body. They are a source of calcium and remove not only thirst, but also hunger.

    Drink no more than a liter a day.


    Red wine helps rejuvenate the body and cleanses the blood vessels. And white wine lowers blood pressure.

    Enough glass of wine per day. It is best to drink wine at lunch between the first and second course.

    Read about the benefits of wine in the article Drinking wine every day is useful.


    This alcoholic drink improves memory and reduces the development of nervous disorders.

    It is worth to consume a glass 3 times a week.


    Indications for use depend on the composition of the balm. But in any case, the balm is a tincture of healing herbs and alcohol, so the use in small quantities is very useful for the body for preventive purposes. Take no more than 30 grams at night or before bedtime.


    Increases appetite and improves digestion, as well as balm is useful in small doses. The daily rate - a tablespoon a day at breakfast.

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