• What is he, a Libra man?

    Olga Reznik
    Olga Reznik
    April 15, 2013
    What is he, a Libra man?

    If you are not seriously wondering what he is, a man-Libra, then surely you have been apprehended by a feeling that has been sung by poets from time immemorial. If this has not happened yet, then think carefully before falling in love with the Libra man. Yes, he is charming, charming, attractive, and you are ready for anything to make him happy. But is he ready to make you happy - this is the grandmother said in two. It’s time to ask yourself: Libra men, what are they?

    Libra is eternal fluctuations

    Yes, Libra men actually look like the symbol of their zodiac sign Libra, which, before it comes into balance, will long be wavering from side to side. If you decide to link your life with a man born under the sign of Libra, then half of life you will feel the happiest of mortals, but the other half of you will not leave the sense of abandonment and uselessness of your Libra, who seem to have absolutely no business what you think and feel.

    Scales, astrologers say, people are unreliable.Today, they will think so, and tomorrow, they will. Imagine such a situation: your beloved Libra today proposed to you, and tomorrow he changed his mind. The situation, of course, is too extreme, but it may well happen if your chosen one is Libra.

    In men, this zodiac sign is always enough fans. And since it is difficult for them to say "no", then they may have several novels at the same time at different stages of development. Scales do not dare to put a bullet in the relationship, which has long been the case, as they do not dare to say “yes” to the only one, the relationship with which is so deep and sincere that it would be time to see the march of Mendelssohn. But Libra is still being dragged to the last and waiting. And often they wait for the situation to be resolved by itself and not always in favor of Libra.

    Addictions of Libra

    Libra men love harmony in everything. They can spoil the mood only because the carpet and curtains do not match in color.

    What women love Libra men? Of course, harmonious, well-groomed, beautiful. In front of a man-Libra in no case can not appear in hair curlers and in cream. It does not matter that he himself will look sloppy at the same time, scatter socks, rubbish and cigarette butts around the room.His woman should always be a queen who will never speak in a loud voice or turn on the TV at full volume. She will continually make sure that the smells from the kitchen do not disturb her beloved man, so that the children do not run and make no noise, and the diapers and vests do not call off the eyes of her beloved. Here are some women like Libra men.

    What women like Libra men

    If you ask what signs are suitable for Libra men, then the first and most important thing you want to say: Libra men are more suitable for women from their own air element, that is, Aquarius and Gemini.

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