• What is hypnosis?

    January 25, 2015
    What is hypnosis?

    Quite a lot has been written about the hypnotic state, its benefits and harms for a person. Hypnosis (from the ancient Greek "dream") combines the signs of sleep with dreams and wakefulness - as if mutually exclusive concepts. In such a state, a person both sleeps and is awake at the same time. Few people have the technique of introducing hypnosis, but up to 70 percent of all mankind are susceptible to it. To understand what hypnosis is, this article will help.

    From the background

    Tibetan healers and Egyptian priests three thousand years ago had the ability to hypnotic effects on people. Hypnosis was practiced both in ancient Greece and in Rome. The name of this phenomenon came up with James Brade, an English doctor who conducted experiments with shiny objects. In Europe, whole schools of hypnosis appeared, studying the manifestation of borderline states of consciousness. Currently, hypnosis is actively used to treat certain diseases of a physical and psychological nature.

    Explanation of the phenomenon

    The essence of hypnosis is some inhibition of the activity of the cerebral cortex.Ways to cause this state of fatigue can be different: the ticking of the clock, the fixation of a glance on a shiny object, the metronome, the monotonous sound of a hypnotizing voice. Result: the cerebral cortex comes to lethargy, only a small area is active, which provides feedback to the hypnotist. Consciousness of a person narrows as much as possible, an individual does not understand what is happening around, becomes easily suggestible, executes, as a matter of fact, the commands of the hypnotizing person. That's what hypnosis is in its classic sense.

    There are more types of hypnosis: Erickson and Gypsy.

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