• What is it about to brow?

    Sergey Kascheev
    Sergey Kascheev
    August 14, 2012
    What is it about to brow?

    If you follow the accumulated national experience about what itching to eyebrow, we obtain the corresponding specific interpretation. To apply the popular interpretation of scratching eyebrows, we will consider a mentally healthy person. In addition, this person should be in peace. In accordance with popular wisdom, eyebrows itch for a meeting. If it itches hard, then the person you meet will be from afar. Scratching eyebrows for separability national signs inevitably associated with a specific meeting.

    To the simple question of what it’s like to scratch your left eyebrow, we get an answer - to meet with a woman, and as an option, with a hypocrite.

    On the question of what the right eyebrow is scratched for, the folk omen speaks about a meeting with a man, and as an option, with a friend.

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