• What is pharyngitis

    Pharyngitis, like any inflammatory disease, can occur in an acute and chronic form. Acute inflammation of the pharynx is caused by infections (streptococci, adenoviruses, etc.) and inhalation of polluted air or toxic substances. The acute course of the disease leads to a chronic inflammatory process without appropriate and timely treatment, as well as prolonged exposure to the factors causing acutepharyngitisFirst signs of acutepharyngitisthey resemble the symptoms of many respiratory diseases and begin with fever, headache and muscle pain and discomfort in the throat. Drying of the pharyngeal mucosapharyngitisIt causes tickling and coughing. Further, the inflammatory process leads to edema of the larynx, redness and severe pain. And the pain is not localized in the tonsils, but more on the back of the throat, and is especially felt when swallowing and often gives to the ear. For acutepharyngitise, caused by streptococcus ("streptococcal larynx"), in addition to the typical signs of the disease may appear abdominal pain. It is also worth noting that streptococcalpharyngitisif untreated, it can give complications to the joints, the so-called rheumatic attack, and to the kidneys, causing glomerulonephritis. In the absence of treatment, acutepharyngitisacquires a chronic course. However, other factors, such as purulent diseases of the paranasal sinuses, chronic tonsillitis, caries, constant mouth breathing, and not only during the cold season, contribute to its occurrence. One of the causes of chronicpharyngitisand there are diseases of other organs and systems, for example, impaired metabolism, congestion of venous blood and lymph in the neck, kidney disease and gastrointestinal tract, as well as frequent smoking. Treatmentpharyngitisand aims to eliminate all possible symptoms with antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs. Streptococcalpharyngitisalways treated with antibiotics. But in order to conduct the appropriate therapy, it is better to consult a doctor. This will establish the exact cause.pharyngitisand exclude or confirm the infectious origin of the disease.

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