• What is polyphony?

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    February 27, 2015
    What is polyphony?

    Polyphony is “polyphony” or “polyphony.” In this phenomenon, two or more voices simultaneously form a single musical composition, with each of the voices being individual and independent. Despite the fact that the term is primarily used in music, it is often used in other branches of culture, science and technology. Let's take a closer look at what polyphony is in different areas.

    Musical polyphony

    In music, there are several varieties of this phenomenon: polyphony imitative, contrast, sub-vocal. Polyphony in music has been known for a long time: for example, polyphony of the Renaissance, choral polyphony of strict style, polyphony of free style.

    Science and literature

    Often the term "polyphony" is used in the literature to denote the diversity of a work of art. It is with this term that critics characterize the works of talented writers, where multiple plot lines and complex contradictory relationships between characters are noticed. In particular, one can find the “polyphony of novels” by F. M.Dostoevsky, T. Drayzer.

    Modern technology

    The development of modern technology was marked by the advent of polyphony in mobile phones. Mono telephones reproduce only one note in a tune. Devices with polyphonic function reproduce up to 40 notes in a wide frequency range, allowing you to get a rich, realistic sound at the output.

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