• What is print?

    Alexander Smaznev
    Alexander Smaznev
    March 18, 2015
    What is print?

    The word "print" is used in conversation between people quite often. Then we hear that this document without printing is invalid, then we order as a gift an interesting picture print on a mug, then we ask a colleague to send several more pages to print.

    What is print?

    The word "print" is used by us in two senses:

    1. as a means of authenticating a document;
    2. as a method of manufacturing lottery products.

    Printing as a means of certification of documents

    In this sense, the seal is a small object with a round, triangular or rectangular base, which is stamped with ink on official documents. The full name of the organization should be read on such a print in a circle. The seal certifies the authenticity of the signature of the responsible persons. Stamps are placed on certificates, contracts, letters of guarantee, payment orders, powers of attorney.

    Printing as a means of replicating images and texts

    Since the printing press was invented, they began to call printing the typographical method of making books, newspapers and magazines.Its essence lies in multiple imprinting on sheets of paper the same text, typed on a printed form.

    The development of modern technology has led to the fact that, along with the typographical reproduction of texts, digital printing has also appeared. The process of replicating texts using digital technology, we can even spend at home by sending a document to the printer from a computer.

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