• What is RAM?

    Many people have heard of such a thing as operational memory. In this article, we will look at what operational memory is in the key of information technology, what types it has and how it works.

    Also, the article says about how memory is related to a person.

    The concept of computer memory

    By RAM, we mean a part of the system that is non-volatile and stores special machine code during the work of the computer. Also in memory are stored input, intermediate and output data. Memory functions are implemented using random access memory.

    It is considered that the RAM is the temporary memory of the computer. It works when turned on and is needed in order to ensure the operation of programs and various processes. When you turn off the computer RAM is reset. The difference between RAM and constant is thatthat the RAM is reset when the computer is turned off, while the permanent memory is stored until it is erased.

    To RAM can be attributed to the memory that is spent on ensuring the work of a particular program. All the information stored on hard and ssd disks belongs to the permanent memory.

    RAM size

    The amount of RAM directly affects the operation of programs. The more RAM, the more programs it allows to work. It is also important to consider that each program requires a certain amount of RAM. Therefore, for resource-intensive programs need a processor that has a sufficiently large amount of memory. Such programs include, for example, programs for video editing. The most resource-intensive programs are computer games.

    More information about the functions of the OP can be found in the article Why the RAM is needed.

    Types of RAM

    RAM is divided into two types, namely static and dynamic RAM. Static RAM is characterized by its speed, while it is more expensive than dynamic.Dynamic RAM is distinguished by its low cost, but at the same time its speed is lower, which means it does not provide great performance. Currently, computers use both types of memory.

    Scheme of work

    The general scheme of the RAM is quite simple. The microprocessor and RAM communicate with each other through the system bus. In turn, the system bus receives signals from an input and output device.

    Human memory

    The concept of memory is also applicable to human brain activity. In this case, RAM is a type of memory that manifests itself in the process of performing a specific task. For example, when a person does some work, he must handle all the tasks in his mind. It is at this moment that he uses his operational memory.

    However, unlike a computer, a person cannot increase the amount of his RAM. At least, at the moment, science does not have confirmation of such a possibility. At the same time, it is known that the amount of RAM for each individual person is different.This explains the differences in the ability of different people to solve a different number of tasks simultaneously.

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