• How correctly: "in Ukraine" or "in Ukraine"?

    Angelina Ivanova
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    How correctly: "in Ukraine" or "in Ukraine"?

    Today we will talk about the correct use of prepositions with geographical names. Namely, what pretext should be used regarding Ukraine. Some say "in Ukraine", and others - "in Ukraine." How correct?

    How correctly: "in Ukraine" or "in Ukraine"? Speaking about administrative units (countries, cities, states, and so on), it is right to use with them the preposition "in." For example, in Russia, in Samara. And the literary norm "in Ukraine" is the result of historical development. The correct option is "in Ukraine".

    in 1993, the Government of Ukraine announced that from this point on the option �in Ukraine� should be recognized, so that the sovereign status of the state was also linguistically confirmed. But you must agree, the literary norm cannot change overnight only because of political processes.

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