• What is society?

    The study of society is not only the task of sociologists, historians, and social scientists. Any cultural person must know what society is to understand the processes that take place in it. For example, why people live together, why changes in the social system occur from time to time, sometimes they are global and sometimes small. Why is that? This is where knowledge of society comes to the rescue.

    What is society?

    Let's start from the beginning. Any phenomenon on Earth is born by nature. Then the power of the mind interferes in it and improves the phenomenon, translates it to a completely different level of existence and development. But still, the connection with nature, as with the original foundation of everything on our planet, is indisputable.

    A very vivid example of such a phenomenon: people, at a certain moment having come to understand that it is easier to survive together, farm, defend, united into a herd, then into a tribal community (think of ancient history). Over time, internal relations developed in it, labor tools were created, they produced some benefits, the exchange of products of labor was adjusted, that is, social relations developed. So the first society was born.It came out of nature, it was very close to it, but it was already an independent phenomenon capable of developing and achieving more and more benefits. In this process, humanity has reached the point of destroying what was once its cradle — its planet, nature. Fortunately, in modern society, the movement for the purity of nature is gaining momentum.

    So, society is part of nature, separated from it and incorporating the types of interaction and association of people capable of creating benefits, using them. Society includes all kinds of social interaction of people. All processes in society are developing, evolving, so there is another formulation of what society is. Society is a system of interaction of individuals, which is in constant development. In other words, these are people who live, work, relax, realize themselves as individuals, produce something, invent, improve. This leads to the development of progress, statehood, and security. And the higher all the benefits, the better people live, the longer they live and the less they get sick.The more spiritual and smarter people are, the more developed a society is.

    Signs of society

    One of the main signs of society is the division of labor. After all, if a person performs one process from the whole common cycle, it means that he interacts with other people. And this is a sign of society. For example, he sews buttons well. And all the clothes are sewn by 20 people, one of whom is tailored, the second is grinding off, the third is ironing, and so on. As a result, all these people formed a small society of dress manufacturers. If we consolidate the processes under consideration, then we can reach society on a state or even planet scale.

    The society also has other signs: national, state, cultural, territorial, temporary, etc. According to all these criteria, different societies can be characterized.

    Basis of society

    The debate about what is the basis of society has been going on for a long time. Phenomenologists argue that the basis of society is thought, idea, reason. And naturalists say that society is just people, their bodies as a whole. These opinions led to the common understanding of the theorist of society K. Marx. He developed a theory that the basis of society is in relationships of people, not in people, and even more so - not in the idea of ​​relationships.He argued that society is built on the spiritual community of people who develop common production and care for the continuation of the species, that is, the future life of their society.

    Elements of society

    The elements of society are its components: the hierarchy among its members, self-regulation and the ability to solve problems within society, openness to other societies, the ability to “adopt” all the best and necessary, self-organization and independence from outside societies.

    Different nationalities form different countries and different social structures. In order to understand which system is a society of a given country, locality, region, it is necessary to answer a few questions that allow you to determine at what stage of development a given society is located. The society is quite developed, if its territory is clearly defined, there are its own governing bodies, there is its own system of values, culture, traditions, norms and so on.

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